Welcome To Cocaine and Popcorn

What is this site?

Cocaine and Popcorn is a movie review site written by people who are addicted to cinema(hence the name).We give our honest opinions even when its not the popular one in hope to inspire debate. Written with a twisted sense of humour this is a site for adults (which tends to mean the use of naughty language).

Didn't this site used to have Games/TV/Media reviews?

Indeed we did but unfortunatly we had one too many eggs in our basket. With the new revamp of the site (Isnt it pretty?) a decision was made to streamline our content which will allow us to upload content faster and of better quality. Eventually the content will expand to include those areas once again but for now we'll stick to the movies

Can I write a review?

Your more than welcome to submit content to Cocaine and Popcorn via our Contact page and if it matches our standards (which are exceddingly low) it'll be uploaded to the site. We do not pay for any submissions.

A Note about Images/Video on this Site

Cocaine and Popcorn do not own any of the images hosted on this site unless otherwise stated .All images remain the copyright of their respective owners.If we have used any material that the original owners require removed please contact us at cocaineandpopcorn@gmail.com and we will replace it as soon as possible