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"I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work "

Sept 19th, 2009

I had a great time with House of 1000 Corpses – a nifty little horror flick from first time director Rob Zombie. Sure it wasn't the best put together film and yes it did feel more like an extended music video, yet the characters had a certain charm. No easy feat considering their serial killer tendencies. When I heard about a sequel I was thrilled, more of the same I thought – bring it on! I thought wrong. Not exactly was it not what I expected, it was better, A true horror masterpiece.

Horror is the wrong way to describe Rejects – that's too playful! This film is brutal. A better way is to refer to this is as a terror movie. Although featuring the same cast of characters this is a different beast entirely and can be viewed without knowledge of the original. Following the Firefly family we witness their escape from the police as they flee across country on a murderous rampage.

The film has a gritty look reminiscent of 70's grind house features completely in contrast to the glossy style of the original. I'm still not 100% sure that Zombie directed the flick as the camera work is so slick. The music uses select classics of the 70's to convey that retro feel. I was loving the moment Free Bird kicked in – it was so perfect for that closing scene yet so wrong for the characters we're following.

The film is unique in that we follow the killers rather than the victims, the last time I remember anything close to this was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (the one with Dennis Hopper. Not the remake).The murders they commit are not fun and it's hard to take pleasure in the killing of innocents when done so realistically but fascinating watching the minds of psychotics.

It's hard to swallow but the Firefly family are not the antagonists. That goes to Sheriff John Quincey Wydell (William Forsythe) who is relentless in his pursuit of bringing them to justice, renegade style. Which is understandable considering they murdered his brother (see original movie for gory details) but the lines between what separates him and those he follows suddenly blurs leaving us the viewer in two minds who to cheer for.

The cast is exceptional and really pull out all the stops, as per the original two stand above the crowd. Sid Haig as captain Spaulding pulls a level of terror not on display previously making it less of a disappointment that he's not in full clown regalia. A phenomenal turn as Otis, Bill Moseley tears up the screen with a character I have no desire to ever meet in real life. The characters this time remain real unlike their cartoony origins.

This being Rob Zombie there's one thing all his films contain and I for one whole heartedly agree and that's T and A. Most characters end up in their birthday suits – former porn star Ginger Lynn in a hilarious sequence. The others are not so enjoyable due to consequence. Sheri Moon Zombie shows off her arse just on the verge of her milf status, I so love exploitation.

There's a cameo from P.J Soles so I was instantly biased towards it but the film is not without its flaws, slightly longer than need be but we can't have everything. Overall this movie rules – it's not a lighthearted romp so be prepared going in. No movie is perfect (not even From Dusk Till Dawn) so I can't give it a ten but I will the next best thing. 9.5/10

Additional: Rob Zombie stated during production that he wouldn't do remakes or sequels I wonder how that's worked out for him?

Best Kill
Sometimes trucks can be useful

Tyler mane who plays Rufus went on to play Michael Myers
Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page plays one of the bounty hunters
Dr. Satan from the original was in the film but ended up on the cutting room floor buy the DVD to see these scenes

Director: Rob Zombie Screenplay: Rob Zombie
Released: 2005
Released: 18
Staring: Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie

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