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"Of course there's a crash, there's always a crash! "

Sept 23rd, 2009

On the 26th of August the Final Destination series returns to cinema screens with its 5th entry (I cant believe this series has lasted 11 years). To celebrate its release I'm going to take a look back at their previous efforts and like my favorite entry in the franchise we going to be doing it in revers order.

Back in 2002 I went to the IMAX to watch Santa vs. the snowman 3D (don't judge – I like Christmas movies) until this point 3D was rubbish. I can still remember the headaches from watching Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare on VHS. All that and the absolute non existence of a third dimension. Back to 2002 and my Jaw dropped to the floor, the glasses were comfortable (no green and red vision) and I felt the need to duck, the 3D was amazing. It's no surprise to me the recent announcement of 3D movies (this time it's no gimmick) and finally there was a movie I was willing to see in 3D, The Final Destination.

The first thing that put me off was the price, £10 a ticket for the addition of glasses, yes you get to keep them afterwards but you can't reuse them (Things have changed a bit since this review was written - you can reuse your plastic toot). I may be fixating on the 3D but this is what the film was sold on, the experience. Judging by the plot alone it seems this is the only reason it was made. Following an accident, people escape death and are killed one by one – end of story.

First of all I love the final destination movies. The first and second movie rate equal in my book. Great kills and a bizarre storyline, the third movie not so much, it had the same sense of fun but was lacking something, even so Final Destination 3 has a great ending. David R. Ellis directed this one and if that sounds familiar he made the second entry so my hopes were high. Unfortunately this film was tedious – perhaps it's about time the grim reaper pays a visit to this franchise.

This is terrible, everything about this production screams "direct to video", the acting is appalling, the effects are bad ,very Playstation 2 and at no point was I surprised by the deaths – you can tell what is going to happen which is a shame as normally the suspense is a highlight of this franchise.

The 3D was also disappointing, this is not IMAX 3D this is REAL D, yes it's better than what we got in the 80's but all it gives is a slightly raised image. Not only this the tricks that filmmakers use have not surpassed poking objects at the screen. I have a feeling this is why the deaths are so predictable nearly everyone is killed by some object flying through the air.

There's an oddly placed nude scene, I don't understand the need for nudity in this franchise – yes it's a horror convention but some films don't need it. The funny thing is and I don't say this often but I would sacrifice any number of tits to see the return of Tony Todd to the franchise. In my opinion it would provide a better link for the films rather than "I checked the internet and the same shit happened on this plane once".

Even with the predictability some fun can be gathered from the kills – extremely gory and at one point surprisingly brutal (a mother is killed in front of her two children). The trailers do a disservice to the film and give away a few of the shocks, if you haven't seen the trailer and still want to see this film skip it.

Final Destination: Death Trip 3D was the original title of this film and one I prefer more. There seems to be nothing final here especially with the fact this is the highest grossing movie so far in the series. There's nothing original here and the 3D is not what I wanted but there was enough of the basic formula to find some enjoyment. The title sequence is fab showing the best kills of the series from an x-rays point of view but the main thing that saved this for me was the ending – the final line of dialogue answered many questions I had about the movies and hopefully puts paid to the question, why doesn't death just give them a heart attack if it wants them dead? 5/10

(My Opinion of the 3D used in cinemas has changed somewhat since this was written as you'll see in an upcoming feature on this site.)

Best Kill: I've always had a thing about escalators

This one has 11 deaths more than the other films
The opening of the film has the characters seated in row 180 (flight 180 anyone)
Ashley Tisdale auditioned for a role but failed, disappointing I would love to see her death in this movie

Director: David R. Ellis
Screenplay: Eric Bress, Jeffery Reddick
Released: 2009
Rating: 15
Starring: Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Krista Allen

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