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" Any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly "

Oct 25th, 2009

Here we are with my final 666 movie review trilogy (Starting with Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers and Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare) in honour of the great Saw VI. We've visited Michael and hung out with Freddy but now it's time for the last big daddy to step up to the rink (see what I did there? hockey mask…).This is not just the best sixth entry out of all the big franchises but its also the best film in the Jason Voorhees Saga.

The last Friday the 13th flick tried to take the series in a new direction; they ditched Jason and tried to put Tommy Jarvis (the kid who killed Jason) as the new serial killer. This was a bad idea – people adored Jason. Fortunately the makers decided the only way to continue the franchise was to resurrect him and pretend the last film never happened, much like Halloween III.

Part 4) cleaved his skull in two. This time we start with Tommy Jarvis, now all grown up and broken out of the mental hospital (maybe that explains the last film, it was all in his head). He brings along a friend to dig up Jason's body to make sure he's dead, did I mention he just broke out of a mental hospital? After ramming a metal pole into the Jasons corpse a lighting bolt resurrects our favorite serial killer, Doh. From this point on Jason is a zombie, he cant die, has supernatural strength and can regenerate wounds over time. Let the sequels commence and roll titles.

Part 6 fully embraces its silly premise; the Friday films have never been the most believable and have had more hammy acting than most other horror franchises. Tom McLoughlin wrote and directed the characters as self-aware (up yours Scream) ,everything is very tongue in cheek.

As the whole film is based around the fact that Jason has been resurrected the kills start to become more overblown and enjoyable. At one point Jason surprises three people playing paintball in the woods and decapitates all three with one swing.

Thom Mathews plays Tommy Jarvis and is easily likable as Tommy and even though he is the third actor to play him brings his own stamp to the table. The rest of the cast fulfill their functions as victims but that's fine as unlike other serious horror movies the Friday flicks are all about the kills, the body count here reaches 18, the second highest in Friday history (28 kills in Jason X)

The music here is standard for a Jason film but this time we get a cool theme song that matches Jason's Bond like entrance (see the opening titles of this film). Alice Cooper provides the song 'the man behind the mask' and it truly is great.

The video's also available on the DVD release (far suprior quality there)of the movie, its great.

I really like this movie – its hard to find flaws in a film that never tries to be more than what it is, a slasher film. The acting isn't the best but that's OK and the storyline isn't more than Zombie Jason killing a bunch of people. All the Friday films are essentially the same with different themes and settings (Telekinesis, New York, Space) but for some reason this one just works better than the rest. 8/10

Additional: Somewhere there exists copies of a workprint of the film (I have yet to track this down) which contains alternative death scenes and an elongated showdown between Tommy and Jason at the film's climax.

Best Kill
Triple decapitation, oh yeah

Megan Garris mentions a street called "Cunningham Road". This is a reference to Sean Cunningham (he created the series)
This and the first film are the only ones to feature kids at the campsite
The film was given the working title of Aladdin Sane (a lad insane – Tommy Jarvis, cool no) to keep the filming secret

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Director: Tom McLoughlin
Screenplay: Tom McLoughlin
Released: 1986
Rating: 18
Starring: Thom Mathews
Jennifer Cooke
David Kagen