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"Need a little touch-up-work my ass "

Oct 27th, 2009

I've come to regret a recent comment I made in the Friday reviews that needs to be rectified. I stated that Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives was the best sequel in the franchise then I watched Part VII again, this movie is badass(I'll probably change my mind again in a week or so).Kane Hodder is Jason.

New Blood was intended to be a smackdown between Freddy and Jason but after plans between Paramount and New Line fell through it was quickly retooled. I have no idea if a script was produced but one character has a supernatural showdown at the climax of this film which leads me to think this is left over Freddy. Affectionately known by fans as Jason vs. Carrie – this movie is a lot of fun.

There's no need to spend time on the storyline as it's a Jason flick. He returns to the woods to kill some people. This time the satire aspect of the Friday films was dropped. People know the score, it was fun last time but I'm sure it would become tedious over numerous sequels (Scream trilogy). That's not to say everything is more serious in tone, it's just not stated for the viewer.

What makes the movie effective is that Jason is really an unstoppable force and carries a look that's far more terrifying than previously. Last time Jason returned as a sort of zombie but he still resembled a person. Here the ratty look of his clothes make him more distinctive and the decay of his flesh IS more noticeable (even his spine is visible). A crazy man with an axe is scary but a crazy zombie with an axe… no contest!

Jason's face is fully revealed in this one and while we've seen him briefly (and obscured) in the earlier films what we got here couldn't have been any better. This is no longer a man, the effects create something so grotesque without the aid of CGI and still look great today.

I'm spending a lot of time on Jason here as he really makes the film work, Kane Hodder infuses him with so much character and energy. It's hard to describe movement but Kane's style invokes attitude and implies that Voorhees is pissed (despite the fact his face is covered by a hockey mask). This helps with the chase and kill sequences, they suddenly become more vicious. In this film Jason actually performs my favorite kill in all the Friday films when he casually picks up a girl in her sleeping bag and slams her against a tree. Simple yet effective.

Terry Kiser plays Dr. Crews a legen (wait for it) dary slasher movie arsehole who actually throws another character to Jason. The only other notable actor in this film (the rest are cannon fodder) is Lar Park Lincoln as Tina, a sweet girl who has telekinetic powers (don't roll your eyes the films are now about a walking zombie). Tina has her own hang ups concerning the death of her father which she accidentally caused (this leads to a strange ending but it's a small flaw in a fun flick). By the film's end she's in total control and takes Jason on in one of the most exciting fight scenes in slasher film history (it even rivals Freddy vs. Jason).

recently I've been praising a lot of slasher movies but I really do enjoy them. Whether this is out of nostalgia it matters not, I return to them frequently, especially around Halloween.

Additional: This film had a lot of cuts to the violence so it's not as gory as it should be. What irritates me is my DVD is actually a region 1 release (when I bought this the Friday films were not available in the UK) and like the region 2 release it has no extras. Earlier this year a box set of all 8 Paramount films were released with a bonus disc of all the deleted gore scenes (also not in the UK set)

Best Kill
The Sleeping bag still takes it

Kane Hodder did all of his own stunts (he rocks)
The film originally was titled Birthday Bash (major suckage)
This film is actually mentioned in American Psycho (the book not the film)

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Director: John Carl Buechler
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