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"Next time I see that Myers pussy, he's dead! "

Oct 4th, 2009

I don't mind remakes, in fact some of my favourite movies are remakes (The Thing, The Fly, The Hills have Eyes) so every time a new one is released I feel it's my duty to give it a chance. Unfortunately most never reach the heights of the original and rarely surpass the worst steaming dog's turd.

I never expect too much when I'm fond of an original flick but when they announced Halloween was getting retooled I suddenly felt despondent. This was a movie I absolutely loved .The sequels had become stale and repetitive but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Unfortunately there was one moment in the original franchise that couldn't be forgiven. As Busta Rhymes used kung fu moves to defeat the shape it was clear that something was terribly wrong. As fans it was hard oppose a reboot.

I always knew the Daddies of horror would eventually be remade, it had to happen, the remake phenomena was unstoppable, but it left me feeling down, no longer would I see the tales of the characters I love with many lacking a satisfying conclusion or any form of resolution. If this had occurred after Halloween H20 I wouldn't have minded so much – that left the original series with an ending, after Resurrection I wanted something more, something to get rid of the taint it left.

As production commenced on bringing Michael Myers back an announcement was made that lifted my spirits slightly – Rob Zombie was coming on board to reboot the franchise. On a different note I hate the word reboot when describing a remake, there's no difference, it's a ploy to try to dupe the audience into thinking there going to get something fresh. I liked Zombie's work up to this point, House and Devils Rejects were a great time had by me, perhaps he was the right man for the job. It has to be noted that Zombie had said he would never take on a remake but if his mind had been changed I had faith there had to be good reason for it (it couldn't be the wage packet as he must have loads from White Zombie CD sales).

I had ups and downs listening to news regarding this film, the whole debacle over the original theme music not making an appearance had me worried. Then with the announcement that Danielle Harris would be playing a character I was chuffed, absolutely love Halloween 4 and having that link to the old series was a step in the right direction. The trailer hit and I was sold, it looked brutal and fresh, I wanted to love this new series as much as the last.

This film focuses more on Myers and his turn to the dark side (everyone loves Star Wars) and shows his progression from child to legend…at least that seems to be the intention. In most movies it's hard to tell the exact moment it begins to suck, maybe the atmosphere was off, the acting under par or the story takes a nose dive. In this film I can pinpoint the exact moment, when adult Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield and the true remake begins.

Many who have seen the remake take issue with the white trash background young Myers was subjected to in this picture. I agree to an extent, yes it's a poor excuse to say bad parenting caused this demented being but this is Zombie so he had to make up some crap. Myers history was fairly lacking in the original (yes its scarier but this is a new vision so I was willing to accept it) and I expected no different from the master of the trailers.

I really enjoyed the opening to this flick. Sure it didn't feel like the Myers home I had envisioned when watching the original but it worked. Daeg Faerch was great as young Michael and truly played that savage edge effectively, I was also struck that he made me care for Myers, sure he suffered from mental breaks but he seemed to love his mother and sister Laurie (this was revealed instantly – noting saved for the sequel here). I have to kick myself for not adding Daeg to my Top 5 Little Monsters list.

Once we reach modern day I lost interest in Michael's story. I wanted younger Myers, this should have been a prequel as the original content rocked. The rest of the film basically plays out to all the same beats as the 1978 version leaving me bored.

I didn't care for the new version of Laurie and her friends; they came off as dirty slags, but at least this meant some righteous nude scenes. As each of the girls were killed off I cheered, no longer would I have to listen to the drivel each of them spouted. Talking of drivel what the hell was Malcolm McDowell thinking here, I find Loomis as important as Myers but he came off as a dick. I wanted him to die for abandoning Myers in the institute – he lies at fault for all the murders after the escape.

Adult Michael was interesting, his look was cool (loved the rotten mask) and his murders were quick and brutal. His attack on Danielle Harris was impressive, why wait for them to finish their shag? The topless chase through the house was no way sexy, great stuff. I find myself at a loss to figure out what the adult killer was trying to achieve – he kidnaps his sister and kills a bunch of people for no apparent reason. This worked in the original but when you spend half the film setting up motive for Myers as a kid an explanation would be appreciated.

All Zombie regulars make appearances here but they feel forced, it's hard to take them as the characters they're playing as it's more a who's who (that's right he played Blah Blah).

I'm left in two minds with this, parts are entertaining and those parts seem to include young Myers. The kills are swift and give a new terror that Michael has been missing for years but it hardly matters when those he kills are repugnant. I have to be fair I liked 50% but I'm more sour as this is not to the standard I want from a Halloween movie and the unused potential this tale could have used. 5/10

Additional: I have seen the work print for this film and it's a far superior work to the one found in cinemas. The Myers escape from the institute is better handled and the ending is much more satisfying in terms of Michael's journey, than the shit that focused on Laurie. Watch this version if possible, I'm sure you can find a copy somewhere. Rating for this version rises to 6/10

Best Kill
Danielle Harris even though somehow she survives

Before Zombie's vision, Dimension were going to create a prequel – Why the fuck didn't they?
The film White Zombie can be seen on T.V. clever no?
The trailer was said to premiere on Grind house (why wasn't it released in the UK as a double feature?)

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