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"I was one of the lucky ones. I survived "

Oct 25th, 2009

In honour of the great Saw VI I'm going to take a look at the sixth entry in three different franchises (I know together they make 666, its intentional). Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th all made it to six entries but over a far longer time period than the Saw films. It's time to see if any of them live up to the great content we've received from Saw.

After the awful Halloween 5 the producers wisely took a break from the franchise, the last film felt rushed. At least this time they could create a script before filming commenced. Unfortunately for the franchise this film had a notorious development which leads to a bizarre mismatched experience.

The theatrical version will be the focus of the review rather than the legendary Producers Cut (review of that version eventually). Continuing on from the cliffhanger ending of part 5, six years have passed and Jamie Lloyd has been the prisoner of a mysterious group. Giving birth to a child, Michael returns to wipe out the bloodline. Loomis spouts his usual about evil and a druid cult help make this one of the most muddled stories for a slasher film.

I'm not really sure where to begin with this, there was potential here for something interesting but interference turned this into a confusing turd. This is meant to be a continuation of the Jamie Lloyd saga but is so different in tone to the last two films it's like a new beginning. I'm actually annoyed at the way the character was given an ending.

Jamie is now played by J.C. Brandy as the producers here didn't want to pay Daniele Harris an increased fee. This is something that irritates me, in the last films she was a child so I assume she was being paid less than the rest of the cast, why not increase her fee now she's older? When I first saw this film I did not realise this was the same character and just assumed it was another relative of Michael's. When I realised who this was I was disgusted, after all the terror her character had been through I was meant to accept that her character had been incarcerated for years, raped and forced to have a child from said rape. This was a bit too dark for a simple slasher, especially when dealing with the main heroine in the series. To top this off within the opening moments of the film her character is murdered.

Tommy (Paul Rudd) becomes our main character. He was the child from the first Halloween and is slightly deranged after his experiences that night. I found it hard to believe that he would become so erratic due to seeing Michael Myers, he was never chased and never saw any of the dead bodies, unlike the other surviving victims who continue to live normal lives in the other sequels. Tommy, despite being mental, decides to live across the road from Myers' old house (once again if he was so traumatised why would he?) and is the only person to realise Jamie had a daughter and rescues her, am I the only one finding this so overblown and ridiculous?

Loomis returns but is hardly in the film, his scenes were exorcised after Donald Pleasance's death. As his role would have been needed in the next sequel the film was chopped up and this is the mess we end up with. At one point the police are hostile to his presence and by now I can kind of understand it. Pleasance is a bad omen, he's like Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote – if you see them you know there's going to be death.

The look of the film is glossier than those before and uses quick cuts to try to make things more exciting, sadly it fails. The killings in this one are fine but nothing memorable, the only thing I have to ask is why is Myers fat? I didn't like it, if it was meant to represent his age we don't need to have a realistic character, this is about druid cults, it's not believable.

This film is crap, the ending is terrible and gives no conclusion to the events that just played out. At one point they tease another child turning to the dark side but through my experiences with the last films I knew it wasn't going to happen. This stands side by side with Part 5, awful. 2/10

Best Kill
Daddy Strodes' head explodes

The script went through eleven different drafts- no shit
At one time Scott Spiegel was going to direct and his friend Quentin Tarantino produce
Donald Pleasance's final film

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