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"When a monkey nibbles on a penis, it's funny in any language "

July 05, 2011

The original Hangover is a thing of beauty, not my first hangover mind you, that really was a mess.The first film came out of no where (much like Tyson's right hook)and absolutely floored me. I knew nothing of the film before I watched it, no trailers, no synopsis, I hadn't even seen the poster (in all truth most posters for comedy films suck). That's what had me somewhat worried when the sequel came around. I had seen the trailers,I had seen the crappy poster and I had read the horrible reviews. As the lights dimmed I expected the worse.

This is the part in most reviews where you give a brief rundown of the films plot but with this movie theres no need. The thing is Hangover part 2 is essentially a darker remake of the first. Take the original plot and switch the location from Vegas to Bangkok. This really is lazy filmmaking.

I've watched a lot of comedy movies over the years and they all seem to be hated by critics so I truly was optimistic, for the first ten minutes. Following a similar template to the first the jokes came quick, it had my interest. That was until we got to the actual hangover where everything just seemed to fall apart.

The film recalls the first in such detail it takes most of the enjoyment out of the events. The beats are the same. When the Wolf Pack wake up in Bangkok they find they've lost one of their friends again. In place of Stu's missing tooth is a tattoo. In place of the Tiger is a monkey. This time Chow (Ken Jeong) is along for the ride so in his place as the villain we get more drug dealers in his place, yaugn.

The main failing isn't even the rinse and repeat plot but the actual tone throughout. I mentioned before this one was dark and I wasn't kidding. The first film was risque but never seedy. The wolf packs romp through Vegas seemed like so much fun I actually visited Vegas on seeing the first. After this Bangkok is a no go.

Hangover Part One had a run in with a couple of inept criminals with the worst consequence being missing Doug's wedding. This one immediately starts with the death of a character setting a far more serious tone that took a bit of the edge of the humour. Its hard to laugh at our "heroes" antics when theres a chance they could die or get seriously maimed.

So far I haven't discussed specific events of the film as to garner any enjoyment from the film you really need to know as little as possible. The mystery of not knowing enhances the experience. Even so there is a moment in the film I need to talk about which took me from being bored to hating it. For that reason I will need to step into spoiler territory. If you haven't seen the film skip the next paragraphs (Clearly marked).


This hangover is set around Stu's wedding to Lauren (Jamie Chung) after ditching his abusive girlfriend from the first film (and apparently Heather Graham too). Lauren from her limited screen time appears to truly love Stu which makes his behaviour inexcusable. Stu manages to cheat on his girlfriend with a ladyboy.

In the first film we all gave his introgression with Grahams stripper a pass as his girlfriend was a nasty piece of work ("suck my dick") who had already cheated on him. This time he is the vile character cheating on his girlfriend, he doesn't deserve to be with Lauren and thus I didn't care if he made it to his wedding.


Mostly I've focused on the negatives but there are a few highlights. Zach Galifianakis once again steals the show with Alan being the only character managing to make me laugh out loud. At one point we get an inspired piece where we see the nights events from his point of view which is not only hilarious but gives us a better understanding of his psyche.

Theres also the chain smoking monkey (from the Night at the Museumfilms) who manages to out act a couple of the cast members (Ken Jeong I'm looking at you). Its just a shame he wasn't really given a conclusion to his story (his fate left open for debate).

Its pointless suggesting to anyone to wait for the DVD release as this is a film your going to see. Heck even I ignored the reviews to go and see this. Some films grow on you over time but I have a feeling this is not one of them. Hangover part three (what's with the "part" anyway?) is already a go and its already been suggested that the next will ditch the Hangover formula for something new. That I can get behind. (much like the wolf pack and the Ladyboys in this film).

What did you think of the Hangover Sequel? Did you like the Head and Shoulders story? Was I being Overly Harsh? Sound Off below

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