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"Next time you unleash an ancient demon, call that Buffy chick "

Oct 5th, 2010

There's no doubt that Bruce Campbell is the man. If you're on this site then you must be a fan. Just look at my avatar pic and you'll see a statuette of the ultimate movie badass – Ash Williams. His latest release is a tongue in cheek adventure which has Bruce playing someone just as iconic, himself.

When I found out about this film I thought it could be a lot of fun, there have been teasers over the years about Evil Dead 4 but as of yet it hasn't happened. When I saw the trailer this movie seemed to be the spiritual successor – and in a way it kind of is, just not what I wanted.

The movie's premise is fab; a small town is besieged by an ancient Chinese demon and decide that only one man has the expertise to vanquish this spirit, Bruce Campbell. Unfortunately for them he's not quite the hero he plays on screen in fact he's quite the pussy.

Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed this but something was off, everything you could want from Campbell was here, the attitude, great one-liners, slapstick and yet the balance was wrong. Each of the Evil Dead movies progressively became more comedic but it was never too goofy. My Name Is Bruce jumps straight into the campness of Hercules and Xena.

The film tries too hard to appear low budget; the Demon Guan-Di looks terrible. Now before we discuss budget constraints I can enjoy cheap effects, the mummy from Bubba Ho-Tep was poor, even so I had a blast watching it when on screen. Guan-Di is boring, he appears and waves a stick, I didn't find him scary or comical, he's afraid of bean curd for Pete's sake. Too silly!

The musical score also grated on me, two musicians frequently appear to sing songs (ala Something about Mary), 'Guan-Di is his name' will rattle around your head for days but not in a good way, more I just listened to Spice Girls 'wannabe' and cant get that crap out of my mind.

Now comes the reason to watch this, the man himself is perfect, Bruce Campbell is hilarious and holds this piece together (he also directed so the flaws also rest on his shoulders). Its hard to explain what makes Campbell so entertaining to watch, let's be honest his acting isn't the best. The problem is he is so good that when he's not on screen you sit by counting the minutes until he's back. The rest of the cast are dull in comparison.

I have to mention Ted Raimi's appearance in this film, he actually plays three characters (a poor rip off of Cheech Marin's cameos in From Dusk Till Dawn) and all of them suck. I don't mind the gu,y but he made no effort to create separate entities, there's Raimi as a Chinese dude, Ted's wearing a suit, oh look he has glasses, pathetic.

I'm probably gonna score this slightly higher than I should but major flaws aside Campbell does what he does best and his line about his boomstick is great. Throughout the flick are little references to Campbell's history on screen raising my enjoyment above the problems. I find myself anticipating the proposed sequel (My Name Is Still Bruce) – who knows where it will go considering the way they ended this. There are better movies where people play themselves, (just check JCVD) but none more enigmatic. I'm sure if you're a fan of Bruce then no review will change your mind, you will see this film. 7/10

Best Kill
Bruce accidentally slays a few innocents

The majority of the Bruce memorabilia is real
Released straight to DVD in the UK it had a very brief run in selected theatres in the USA
The exteriors of the town were actually shot on Bruce's property

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