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Oct 25th, 2009

This is the second of my 666 reviews (see Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers) and here we step into Freddy Krueger's dream world for his 'final' movie. This was meant to end the series (Wes Craven's New Nightmare doesn't count as that's set in the real world) of Elm Street flicks and I couldn't wait to see it especially as it was in 3-D, it had to be a great send off.

When this film started up there was an introduction from Freddy in the dream world, here he instructed us when to wear our glasses. It was a fun little addition that actually gave a little interaction with the film. Unfortunately this is not included on the VHS or DVD releases and I'd actually love to see this again as I only ever saw it once.

I'm not going to give a recap of the previous movies as they really don't have much to do with this film, also if you don't know who Freddy is leave this website now and go back to reading about pony's. Released in 1991 the film actually takes place in the future of 1999 (fortunately there are no flying cars so the film still works). The last surviving teenager from Springwood is used by Freddy to bring fresh blood back home (he is unable to enter the dreams of anyone outside the town). Too bad for Freddy the end is nigh as his own child has a significant role to play

When I was younger I thought this film was a great send off for the legend. Last year I picked this up on DVD and expected to get the same film that I loved. It had been at least ten years since I had last seen this and this was not what I remembered, this was not a horror film, this was a live action cartoon.

I really enjoyed the rock tracks used in this film – they bring back memories of the music I used to listen to (actually I still listen to this type of music). The look of the film is fine for the time it was produced, but the dream sequences are dated and appear cheap compared to previous outings in the nightmare series. This is actually light on kills (3 at the most) and the gore is kept low. I don't know why the film got an 18 certificate.

The storyline seems disjointed at times, the cast of characters travel to Springwood and back but the final portion of the film seems rushed. There's an idea given that the dead children never existed or some such crap, it doesn't make sense and is never really explained. I can't fully blame the producers of this film as I don't remember this being so confusing. On researching this film I found that the home video releases have been chopped down to shorten the film for unknown reasons, this may explain the problems, but I can't say for sure.

The acting in this is terrible with everyone taking on topics that are too deep for such a light-hearted approach (I'm serious about light-hearted, this film is silly). One character is dealing with child abuse and the only indication of her experience is a tough attitude and the line "don't touch me". There are cameos from multiple celebrities; Alice Cooper, Rosanne Barr, Tom Arnold, but the most impressive is from Johnny Depp (the first Nightmare was his first feature film). His cameo is really fun and actually adds to the surreal dream world, whereas the other cameos are "Hey look who it is".

Robert Englund is Freddy but this time he gives an OTT performance, it matches the rest of the film but overall is his weakest turn so far (and that's including the Freddy's Nightmares TV series). The flashback scenes at the end of the flick with pre-burn victim Freddy were great and actually had me wishing for a full film about the Springwood slasher rather than the goon we were presented with here. His death is fitting and actually brings about the more sadistic side of his character but at that point it was too little too late. The credits have a montage of his best moments and had me wanting to go back and watch his older movies (which I will).

Skip this paragraph if you haven't seen the film SPOILERS BEGIN – At one point in the film Freddy lists the different ways people have tried to kill him over the numerous movies, excluding the way Nancy defeated him in the first movie by bringing him into the real world. Here Freddy is defeated in exactly the same way so it leads me to ask the question how are we supposed to believe he's really dead this time? SPOILERS END

Out of all the Freddy flicks this is the silliest but its not the worst (I don't like 4 and 5). I am still able to watch this in the way it was intended, as a comedy. It's an OK send off but not as epic as it should have been. The ending is strange to watch without the 3-D glasses as a lot of objects are pointed at the screen, but I am thankful for the lack of wearing glasses as they gave me a serious headache. I'm kind of giving this score out of nostalgia but who care it's my review.

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Best Kill
The main man's death

It's been suggested this is meant to take place after Freddy vs. Jason
Peter Jackson wrote a draft for this film but it wasn't used
The exact date the film takes place in is not clear as its never stated

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Director: Rachel Talalay
Screenplay: Michael DeLuca
Released: 1991
Rating: 15
Starring: Robert Englund
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Shon Greenblatt