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"You're not Jigsaw bitch! "

Sept 27th, 2009

This marks the end of the original Saw trilogy, after this one original creators Leigh Whannell and James Wan decided to step away from the franchise. Part three served as an ending yet left enough loose ends for the studio to carry on in their absence. After the amazing experience I had with part 2 (one of the greatest sequels of all time) I was salivating for another trip into the world of Jigsaw and what I believed at the time was the final entry in the series.

If you have yet to see Saw II then I would advise you to stop reading this review now. The ending of the movie will be revealed as there is no other way to discuss this one. Here we go, Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda (that's right she's one of the villains, bet you wish you'd stopped reading now) plan one final game as Jigsaw teeters on the verge of death, let the games begin.

The Saw movies have a distinctive style but this time I was left feeling a little seasick. Each of the films has a filter effect applied but this time the greens were so deep it took away too much from other colours in the scenes. The shaky quick cuts continue and although I hate the effect they're now such apart of the Saw experience it would be bizarre if they were lacking.

Shawnee Smith in this edition is truly amazing, when it was revealed in the closing moments of Saw II that she was working with Jigsaw I wasn't too sure if I could accept her as his accomplice. As the credits rolled I found myself loving the character of Amanda Young more than the main man himself. Her character here is unhinged and Smith portrays this well, we get to see in her facial expressions someone who is not sure how to behave in "social" situations. Jigsaw has his own twisted logic and rules that must be followed, Amanda has no rules, she's unpredictable, this is the type of character I find terrifying.

Tobin Bell does what he does best and remains in control even confined to a bed the entire run time of the flick. The rest of the cast fill out the remaining roles but hardly shine – they're just victims. The real story here is Jigsaw and Amanda's relationship. Angus MacFadyen plays Jeff, a serious Arsehole leaving me questioning if he was actually acting. I will say this, Dina Meyer was a total disappointment. She appeared in all the films thus far and her final appearance here was a total waste (if only they saved her for the next instalment in Riggs place).

The gore in this one is off the charts, up until this one I never felt Saw was actually part of the sub genre of torture porn but here it seems they were aiming for XXX. One cringe worthy scene shows the surgery atop Jigsaws head in full glory, I loved it. The traps were interesting and added a new slant where the focus was not really on the victim but on Jeff's decision to free them – nice idea.

Saw III was not flawless. I had issues with the opening of the film (like a drawn out montage sequence). Eric Matthews (after his capture in part 2) tries to escape his prison, Dina Meyer's character is kidnapped and forced into a trap, and a doctor is kidnapped. These scenes take up 15 minutes of the movie with no connection to each other, truly disappointing and had me fearing the worst. Once the film truly takes off and the main game begins I was extremely happy. Also while fascinating to see Jigsaw and Amanda's relationship beginnings in flashback (great look at the first saw movie) there not really much time given to explain why she chose to join him – then again she was a bit mental.

This being Saw the film is loaded with twists – unfortunately most are predictable and I had them figured out before the ending hit. Even so they are crafted well and its a pleasure to watch them play out. Saw III was a fitting end to Jigsaw's killing spree and leaves the viewer with a truly sadistic ending. Brill 8/10

Best Kill
May not have been gory but the frozen death looked oh so painful

The bathroom set was borrowed from Scary Movie 4
The teaser trailer first screened with The Decent
Leigh Whannell returns on screen in a cameo

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Screenplay: Leigh Whannell, James Wan
Release: 2006
Rating: 18
Starring: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Angus MacFadyen, Donnie Whalberg

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