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April 16th, 2013

I could probably just copy and paste my review for Scary Movie 3 here and just change the plot description as the films are so darn similar. Even so I know that Part 4 was seen as the bastard child of the series even with fans of the franchise but even so I think there are a lot of improvements that elevate this movie from turd to sugar coated turd.

Despite my dislike of the 3rd movie I knew a bunch of people that thought it was marvellous. I didn't like being the only person that didn't get the humour so I bought the DVD (I got it rather cheap) and watched it a couple more times to try and see what I was missing (It wasn't out of peer pressure but more out of fear of being a cinema snob). Unfortunately (at least that's what I thought at the time) I still couldn't warm to it but agreed to go along to the sequel more as a social outing.

Scary Movie 4 is once again unrelated to those that preceded it aside from a couple of hold over characters. Focusing on War of the Worlds (It may seem sci fi but there were many horror elements to it) this time aliens attack America a man named Tom (played by Craig Bierko and yes its the dame name as the last films lead) and his two children attempt to survive the onslaught. Teaming up with Anna Faris' Cindy and Brenda (Regina Hall in a fully expanded role) they travel around the country and find themselves in various send ups (I wouldn't call them parodies anymore) of recent movies.

Once again everything is just a random excuse to put the characters in recognisable situations but at least this time there is a stronger through narrative connecting the events rather than the last movies madcap antics. It may be flimsy but at least it leads to a conclusion that is far more organic and satisfying. In fact the final conclusion involving the Tom Cruise parody borders on actual emotion as he attempts to sacrifice his life for his children in a Saw parody.

Next is the fact that the films selected for "Parody" are far more deserving of the Scary Movie name (That's not to say other rubbish appears). The Village etc. all appear. The main issue is once again that the most obvious moments that could have been sent up are dropped for more scatological (In fact this is a lot worse here) and fall down humour. I'm sure it's not a surprise to find that I found the comedy to once again be lacking. I will give praise to scaling down of the overlarge props but I can't chuckle at the overuse of farts as humour.

We get great casting once again at least in terms of people who are able to carry the silly content. Out of all the modern day spoof films I think this is the one factor that truly elevates this franchise (Scary Movie 5 excluded). I can't tell you enough how the movie is a more enjoyable experience due to Regina Halls presence who has a couple of chuckle worthy scenes. We also get cameos from previous cast members Charlie Sheen, Chris Elliot, Carmen Electra and Leslie Neilson. While it's nice to see them I can't say they actually have any material that really warrants their presence.

It's not really a surprised that after this film the franchise disappeared for 6 years as the idea was becoming more than a little strained (that's also why this is a rather brief review). The only people I could recommend this to are those who enjoyed part 3. I'd like to think that there aren't that many people out there who enjoyed it but I know that's not true due to the amount of money it made. With Scary Movie 4 I found more of an acceptance for the bland material,hopefully help me appreciate Scary Movie 5 a bit more. Wish me luck

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Director: David Zucker
Screenplay: Craig Mazin
Jim Abrahams
Rating: 15
Starring: Anna Faris
Regina Hall
Craig Bierko