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"I told you to run "

28th Feb 2013

This does not happen often, but on the odd occasion I attend the cinema with a huge chip on my shoulder. An unshakeable fear that the audio visual stimulus that I am about to subject myself to will be nothing short of sheer torture to my senses, blasphemy to my outstanding taste and slowly cause my insides to churn up more bile than usual. Why the overly exaggerated reaction you ask? Two words, Kristin Stewart.

To say I loathe the Twilight franchise is a huge understatement! It's not that I hate vampires (I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and True Blood pre season 4). Twilight made the whole concept of vampires on screen sappy, annoying and incredibly gay! (Although True Blood did contribute to the latter.) I blame all of this rationally or not on Kristin Stewart. Her being the lead actress along with the much less annoying and more aesthetically appealing Charlize Theron was already a minus point in my eyes. However, preconception is not always truth.

If you're not at least vaguely familiar with the basic story of Snow White where have you been living in your infant years? Hopefully not in Roman Polanski's attic! The movie Snow White and the Huntsmen is a darker perspective on the original fairy tale. We follow the queen who has obtained power by ill means (without wanting to give too much away) and is undoubtedly the fairest in the land up until Snow White reaches her adult years. This vanity breed's psychotic jealousy which is not helped by the fact that Snow White also holds the key to the Queens immortality as well has her eternal destruction. Let the adventure begin!

To even to begin to describe this movie it would be remiss of me not to point out how amazing this film looks incredible on screen. This is what digital projectors/Blu-Ray was made for! The opening scene where the blood drops onto snowy ground looks crisp with a stark contrast of colours quite simply beautiful. Equally the scenes in the dark forest, the home of the elves and a disturbing brilliant metamorphosis the queen undertakes have a degree of visual eloquence mixed with Tim Burton-esque imagination, granted he is one of the producers on this film.

Be warned, do not mistake my hyperbole regarding the visuals does not mean that this is a puff piece with no substance. In fact, quite the contrary. The story is charming, darker than you expect with likeable characters that are conveyed in a different manner than you would expect. The Huntsmen played by Chris Hemsworth (Thor and Avengers Assemble) is a man dealing with loss and absence of direction. There is also good on screen chemistry with Snow White as their dialogue is quite sarcastic and often comical.

As you would expect there are the stereotypical but suitably plausible acts of heroism during the course of feature, but they are done well and fit with the overall mosaic of the story. There is also an unexpected but charming surprise in terms of the dwarves, of who are played by Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone and Nick frost. You have to love these guys, they are witty, aggressive and heroes in their own right. But without a doubt the stand performer in this movie is Charlize Theron, she plays the evil queen Ravenna, and does so brilliantly.

This isn't your contrive predictable tale of good versus evil. In fact you actually empathise with Ravenna and marvel at the brilliance of her evil. Really this stellar performance from Theron should not be unexpected, especially when you consider her previous roles in films like Monster. But nevertheless its illuminates this feature and is definitely one of a few good reasons as to why you should give this film a try.

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Director: Rupert Sanders
Screenplay: Evan Daugherty
John Lee Hancock
Starring:Kristen Stewart
Charlize Theron
Chris Hemsworth