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"Always check your candy "

Oct 8th, 2009

Each Halloween there are certain movies I have to watch to get me in the spirit for All Hallows Eve. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th (the original) and of course Halloween have become staples for me, but no longer as there's a new Daddy in town. Trick 'r Treat managed to contain enough spirit to get me pumped for this year's Halloween all on its lonesome.

I have been waiting for this movie for the last year and a half as for some ungodly reason the studio that produced the film kept it hidden, that was until now. I'm disappointed that this never made it to theatres as it truly deserved more than direct to DVD. My region 1 copy (avaliable in the UK now) arrived today and I hastily popped it in, I had a feeling I was gonna love this from the trailer alone but what I got was something else entirely.

I don't want to go into the details of the plot as it's truly a joy to see it unfold; the best way to describe the style of this one is an anthology movie with a similar structure to Pulp Fiction. There are four separate stories that all take place across one Halloween and yet they all interconnect with each other.

We the viewer are shifted through different time periods with a simple use of title cards (Earlier, Some time later) that represent the comic book tone established within the title sequence. We get a bit of everything here from serial killers to monsters.

This movie is hands down fun, a pure sugar rush; it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a film this much. Over the years my interest in the horror genre has wavered, most flicks nowadays are missing the charm that those in the 80s and early 90s had. Sure there have been some standout films, Shaun Of The Dead springs to mind but nothing has got me this excited, I want to share this experience with others.

This film has a truly mean streak and the darkest of black comedy, at one point a character feeds the severed finger of a dead body to a barking dog to avoid detection. I haven't seen anything of this calibre since Tales from the Crypt and the Creepshow films.

The cast is outstanding and everyone seems to have been in something else, familiar faces from Battlestar Galactica pop up as well as two of my favourite ladies, Leslie Bibb and Anna Paquin. Everyone takes things seriously no matter how outlandish things get, even the cartooniest characters are more realistic than most characters in film today.

The music truly sets the tone, the instrumental tunes are larger than life, it's a shame how many today forget how important sound is to horror. I had a huge grin on my face when the Sweet Dreams cover by Manson hit (dare I say I prefer this to the original song) as well as a track that's familiar to fans of Lost Boys.

I have to mention Sam, he's a new legend and appears throughout the four separate stories, headlining the final tale himself. His look is genius; he's similar to the sackboys from the little big planet game only slightly more demented. I thought icons in horror were dead but I was wrong, unfortunately the way the release of this film has been handled it seems this is to be the only appearance of Sam we'll ever get.

I truly love this movie and its one that I know I'll find myself watching repeatedly. Are there flaws? Yes, there's one major one, its too short, I was left wanting more and found myself depressed that this is probably (never say never) the last time I'll see Sam. Please please please buy this film and help support the chances of a sequel getting made. 9.5/10

Additional: As I was writing this review I found that this film is actually getting released on DVD this month in the UK, why did I not check this before buying an import copy on eBay? October 26th, quite cheap too!

Best Kill
A lot of kids die – "I want to go home now"

Sam actually made his debut in a short film called Seasons greetings
Anna Paquin plays a character called Laurie
The film actually features the animated flick Scooby Doo On Zombie Island (great film in its own right)

Director: Michael Dougherty
Screenplay: Michael Dougherty
Release: 2009
Rating: 15
Starring: Anna Paquin, Dylon Baker, Brian Cox, Leslie Bibb

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